jeudi 30 septembre 2010

Mon Premier

(pic by Nikita )

Arvo Part - Fratres For Cello And Piano (intro)

Slamduck - Original Mix- Jacob Korn

Serafin's Back To New York Re-interpretation-marcel Wave

Live Goes On - Original Mix-Soundstream

The Seagull Dance - Oleg Poliakov Remix-Jefferson Velazquez

My Friend Is A Seahorse - Mock & Toof Remix-Kissogram

Even Though You're With Another Girl - Kollektiv Turmstrasse Remix -Trentemoller

Far Falling Asleep - Christian Vance Beats-Etienne Jaumet

Body Yo - Audiojack Mix-Chris Micali, The Luxembourg Brothers

Edges Of Corrosion - Original Mix-Tim Paris

The Operation - Superpitcher Remix-Charlotte Gainsbourg

Friendly yours
Jean jean

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